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Affordable Wedding Photography

for your Special Day

Only £299

 High Quality Images
Stored on a Heart Shaped USB
Ready in 10 days for you to share


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Please have a look at some of our past weddings

Sample Photos

Here's some more information about our photography. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask

Who Takes The Photos ?

All the Photography is taken by myself (Mark).

I moved to Devon in 1995, and I have been a professional photographer for over 30 years.

I studied photography at North Warwickshire College of Technology & Art, and then moved into photographic retail and eventually owned two shops in the Midlands.


Low Prices

Having seen how much other photographers charge, I decide to offer a low cost option rather than an elaborate photographic experience.


Guide to a  Wedding Service Running Order

This is just a guide. There is no such thing as a 'typical wedding', however here's a bit of information for you. 


I normally arrive 30 minutes before the wedding ceremony.

This is so we can liaise with the registrar or vicar and also take photographs of the groom or one of the partners, and best man/bridesmaids/ushers.

Ceremonies take around 20 minutes for a civil service and 45 minutes for a church.

Photographs are taken during the ceremony to record as much as possible, but I can't move around too much or distract from the service.

After signing the register, the couple will leave the venue and the photographs will commence, unless the marriage location isn't suitable.

If the marriage location is not suitable, we will all meet up at the reception or another suitable spot.  

It will typically take 25-50 minutes to take all the photographs, but this is really dependent on the number of guests.

If you are having a civil wedding all in the one location, after the group photographs have taken place, I will take photos of the decorated room, wedding cake and a mock version of the couple cutting the cake.

If you are having a separate reception location, there is a small additional cost to go to another venue.

Location shots can also be taken, but we can discus at the time of booking.

What Do You Get

Photos are supplied on a heart shaped USB, and are posted to be with you normally in 10 days or less.


How Many Photos

After editing, ideally I try to supply as near to 100 images, but if it is a large wedding and we've have visited various locations, you will get more photographs.

All the edited photographs will be on the USB. 



We take card payment over the phone to book. We can also send our bank details for BACS payment.


When to book

Every year there will be four or five of the same date that everyone wants. Then, ironically the week after a very popular date, no one wants. It's really down customers piece of mind when you would like to book us, however dates around Bank Holiday week-ends tend to get booked up first.


If you would like anymore information, it's very easy to make contact with us.

There is a Facebook page and a contact form on this website.

Our email address is


You can call or text to the mobile number 07714761089


All links to get in touch are on this website.


Hope you enjoyed looking through the information.


Kind Regards,


Mark Waldron



Eclipse Wedding Photography

53 Byron Way




Mobile (text as well) 07714761089


Thanks for submitting!

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